With the vast amount of distribution knowledge and experience gained in the past 20-25 years, coupled with the addition of our newest member to the Kuraya (USA) Corporation team, who also brings over twenty-five years of personal experience in overseas personal care & beauty product distribution, not to mention, strong relationships and ties with major manufacturing companies, we, at Kuraya (USA) Corporation have recently expanded our business and have included import/export product consultation primarily to and from the U.S. and Japanese markets as a new business service. 

In the U.S., with the vast amount of regulations, instructions, and strict standards for importing foreign products, proper knowledge is essential and may be the difference between success and failure.  With the aid of our services, clients would learn and understand proper registration of regulations with such government agencies as, the FDA, EPA, and CSPA.

In addition to consulting clients, we, ourselves at Kuraya (USA) Corporation have already begun to import and distribute health care products, specifically related to long-term care, cosmetics, household and general miscellaneous merchandize primarily to the domestic Asian-American markets within the U.S.